Children & Parenting matters

Attending mediation in children matters is compulsory under the Family Law Act 1975. If there is no agreement, parties are issued with a certificate which would allow either party to file an initiating application to the courts.

Attending mediation and attempting to resolve all disputes between the parents is advisable and beneficial. In the event that your family law matter is complex and you are unable to resolve the issues at mediation, attending court and litigating your matter is an option you should consider.

Whether you decide to go to court or resolve your matter at mediation, Makdo Family Lawyers can assist you with:

  1. Drafting your final consent orders.
  2. Parenting plan.
  3. Attend mediation with you.
  4. Draft the initiating application to the court together with supporting documents.
  5. Attend mentions and hearings with you.

Nibbi is on the Legal Aid panel and can assist legally aided and privately paying clients.

Property & Financial matters (de-facto & married couples)

At Makdo Family Lawyers, we will be able to achieve the best possible outcome when it comes to your financial affairs and property settlement between you and your former spouse.

Makdo Family Lawyers will assist you throughout the steps of financial disclosure, negotiations, drafting of consent orders (agreement) and providing you with adequate legal advice in respect of appropriate division of matrimonial assets.

The financial matters involved in a family law case are:

  1. Spousal maintenance
  2. Child support
  3. Division of matrimonial property
  4. Binding financial agreement
  5. Consent orders and terms of settlement


Arbitration was introduced in June 2020 and it involves parties to a financial dispute present arguments and evidence to an independent arbitrator (generally a senior member of the legal professions), who makes a determination to resolve the dispute and with the consent of all parties. Arbitrators are experienced legal practitioners and receive special training in arbitration.

This is an alternative to a court hearing which can be lengthy and extremely expensive. Parties are able to appoint their own accredited arbitrator and they can set their own timetable to allow the families to remove themselves from the long-awaited trials and excessive costs.


Resolving your Family Law dispute, whether it is the division of property or care arrangements for the children, can be daunting and it may drain you emotionally.

It is always advisable to attend mediation prior to taking the big step in going to court. In some circumstances, attending mediation is compulsory and parties to a relationship must provide evidence to the court that they have attended mediation.

Contact us today if you are intending to resolve your Family Law dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Wills & Estate

A Will is an important document not only for the elderly, but also for the younger generations and most importantly for young families. The thought of leaving your loved ones behind is daunting and many people do not like to think about it.

Leaving loved ones without a Will of your estate is the last thing a wife, a mother, a father or immediate family members would want to deal with during a time that should be for mourning.

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Powers of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship

A Power of Attorney deals with your financial and legal affairs. You can appoint an attorney to sell property, buy property, use your bank accounts pursuant to the powers you have directed the attorney in the Power of Attorney.

The Enduring Guardianship is a document that allows the attorney to make decisions on your behalf in relation to your health, medical treatment and where you live.

Both documents come into effect once and when you lose capacity. This can be physical and mental capacity.

These documents are crucially important and should be considered hand in hand when you are drafting your Will. Contact us today and inquire about our Estate Planning package.